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Tires are an important part of your vehicle. Tires should be inflated to manufator recomened pressure according to the door plackard

Underinflated tires are the primary cause of premature tire wear. As seen in the picture underinflated tires cause the tire to wear unevenly on the outside edge. Causing less traction.

It is hard to tell when the tire is inflated to the proper pressure. If you are unsure if the pressures are correct you should stop and we can help you.

Overinflated tires are also a problem. It causes the center of the tire to wear before the rest. This also causes less than normal traction.

If you notice a bulge in your tire you have a radial separation. This can cause the tire to burst. This can occur from hitting curbs & pot holes

If one or multiple of your tires are wearing on edge of the tire you need an alignment.

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